I. Targeted Killing & Civilian Casualties

II. Law of Armed Conflict & DOD Law of War Manual

  1. Sean Watts, Guest Post: The Updated First Geneva Convention Commentary, DOD’s Law of War Manual, and a More Perfect Law of War (Tuesday, July 5)
  2. John Merriam, Guest Post: Must Military Medical and Religious Personnel Be Accounted for in a Proportionality Analysis? (Friday, July 8)

IV. Government Hacking & Encryption

  1. Riana Pfefferkorn, Guest Post: The Encryption Debate: All Quiet on the Western Front? (Wednesday, July 6)
  2. Scarlet Kim, Guest Post: Whose World Is This?: US and UK Government Hacking (Thursday, July 7)

IV. The Chilcot Report

V. Military Commissions and USS Cole Bombings

VI. Congressional Hearings

VII. Miscellaneous

  1. Just Security, The Fourth of July (Monday, July 4)
  2. Just Security, Call for Papers: AALS Section on National Security Law (Friday, July 8)