I. Presidential Policy Guidance, Targeted Killing & Civilian Casualties

  1. Jameel Jaffer, A Less-Secret Drone Campaign (Monday, June 27)
  2. Marty Lederman, The Government’s Treatment of Civilian Casualties in Counterterrorism Operations (Friday, July 1)

II. Transitional Justice & the International Criminal Court

  1. Beth Van Schaack, US Policy on Transitional Justice (Wednesday, June 29)
  2. Alex Whiting, Commanders Put on Notice (Wednesday, June 29)
  3. Beth Van Schaack, International & US Support for Transitional Justice Initiatives (Friday, July 1)

III. Civil Liberties & Government Secrecy

  1. Andy Wright, Donald Trump and the Ghosts of Joseph McCarthy (Tuesday, June 28)
  2. David McCraw, Guest Post: Looking Back on the Pentagon Papers Decision (Thursday, June 30)

IV. Torture

V. DOD Law of War Manual

VI. Brexit Vote

VII. Congressional Hearings