Recap of Recent Posts on Just Security (June 18–24)

I. The State Department Dissent Channel Cable

  1. Ashley Deeks & Marty Lederman, Would Airstrikes Against Assad Be Lawful and Effective?: Reactions to the State “Dissent Cable” (Monday, June 20)
  2. Harold Koh, Another Legal View of the Dissent Channel Cable on Syria (Monday, June 20)
  3. Harold Koh, “Effective” Policy in Syria: Ambassador Robert Ford’s View (Tuesday, June 21)
  4. Charlie Savage, Guest Post: The Obama Legal Team and the Lawfulness of Attacking Assad (Tuesday, June 21)

II. Targeting & the Law of Armed Conflict

  1. Sir Daniel Bethlehem QC, Guest Post: “Material Support” and Targeting (Monday, June 20)
  2. Oona Hathaway, The Law of War Manual’s Threat to the Principle of Proportionality (Thursday, June 23)

III. Surveillance & National Security Letters

IV. Torture

V. Presidential Policy Guidance & Targeted Killing

VI. Pre-Publication Review

VII. Brexit Vote

VIII. Congressional Hearings


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