Recap of Posts on Just Security (May 9–13)

I. Capt. Smith Lawsuit, SCOTUS & Courts-Martial

  1. Marty Lederman, Why Captain Smith’s Suit to Enforce the War Powers Resolution Won’t Be a Big Deal (Monday, May 9)
  2. Steve Vladeck, The Supreme Court’s Troubling Neglect of Courts-Martial (Monday, May 9)

II. Michael Ratner

  1. David Cole, Michael Ratner, RIP (Wednesday, May 11)
  2. Harold Koh, Michael Ratner: The Leading Progressive Lawyer of a Generation (Thursday, May 12)

III. Kunduz Report

  1. Adil Ahmad Haque, Guest Post: What the Kunduz Report Gets Right (and Wrong) (Tuesday, May 9)
  2. Joshua Andresen, Guest Post: Transparency, Review, and Relief: The Far-Reaching Implications of the Kunduz Report (Friday, May 13)

IV. UK Drone Report

V. Military Contractors & Torture


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