I. Surveillance, Encryption & Privacy

  1. Jake Laperruque, Guest Post: Revelations From the Newly Declassified FISC Opinion on Section 702 (Wednesday, April 27)
  2. Julian Sanchez, Feinstein-Burr: The Bill That Bans Your Browser (Friday, April 29)

II. Kunduz Bombing

III. International Law

  1. William Dodge, Guest Post: Would JASTA Violate International Law? (Tuesday, April 26)
  2. Douglas Cantwell, Guest Post: Yes, Russia’s Antics in the Baltic Sea Violate “International Rules” (Tuesday, April 26)

IV. Congress

  1. Just Security, National Security-Related Congressional Hearings, April 25–29 (Monday, April 25)
  2. Steve Vladeck, Congress’s Embarrassingly Empty (National Security) Record (Friday, April 29)

V. Guantánamo & Military Commissions

VI. Miscellaneous