I. Surveillance & Civil Liberties

  1. Hugh Handeyside, Guest Post: Social Media Companies Should Decline the Government’s Invitation to Join the National Security State (Tuesday, January 12)
  2. Jeffrey Vagle, Guest Post: Content Is Content, No Matter How Small (Wednesday, January 13)
  3. Faiza Patel & Michael Price, Settlement of NYPD Muslim Surveillance Lawsuits: A Platform for Better Oversight (Thursday, January 14)
  4. Julian Sanchez, USA Freedom: The Rubber Meets the Road (Friday, January 15)

II. Cybersecurity & Technology

  1. Kristen Eichensehr, “Your Account May Have Been Targeted by State-Sponsored Actors”: Attribution and Evidence of State-Sponsored Cyberattacks (Monday, January 11)
  2. Jonathan Zittrain, A Few Keystrokes Could Solve the Crime. Would You Press Enter? (Tuesday, January 12)
  3. Riana Pfefferkorn, Guest Post: James Comey’s Default-Encryption Bogeyman (Friday, January 15)

III. The Islamic State

IV. Prepublication Review Process

V. Guantánamo

VI. Congress and the State of the Union

  1. Just Security, National Security-Related Congressional Hearings, January 11–15 (Monday, January 11)
  2. Just Security, Just Security Editors’ Annotated State of the Union (Wednesday, January 13)