I. Prepublication Review Process

  1. Steve Vladeck, The Over-Complicated Prepublication Review Process (Saturday, December 26)
  2. Oona Hathaway & Jack Goldsmith, More Problems With Prepublication Review (Monday, December 28)
  3. Oona Hathaway & Jack Goldsmith, Path Dependence and the Prepublication Review Process (Monday, December 28)
  4. Oona Hathaway & Jack Goldsmith, The Scope of the Prepublication Review Problem, and What to Do About It (Wednesday, December 30)

II. Surveillance & Privacy

  1. Shaheed Fatima, The “Snooper’s Charter” and Judicial Oversight (Monday, December 21)
  2. Jake Laperruque, Guest Post: Congress Squawks as Surveillance Chickens Come Home to Roost (Wednesday, December 30)

III. Use of Force & Military Operations

  1. Charlie Martel, Guest Post: War: What Is It Good For? — Revisiting Strategic Questions Congress Should Ask in Debating an ISIL AUMF (Monday, December 21)
  2. Jonathan Horowitz, Guest Post: Why the US Should Cooperate With Investigations Into the Hospital Bombing (Wednesday, December 23)
  3. Marty Lederman, An Unspecified (and Unclear) Debate About the Rules of Engagement in Syria (Wednesday, December 23)
  4. Marty Lederman, “Expansion” or Contraction?: The Case of Special Operations Forces in the Middle East (Monday, December 28)

IV. End-of-Year 2015

  1. Andy Wright, Ten National Security Oversight Issues to Watch in 2016 (Monday, December 28)
  2. Just Security, Some of Our Most-Read Posts From 2015 — And Others Worth Revisiting (Wednesday, December 30)

V. Serial

VI. Detention Litigation

VII. Freedom of Information Act

VIII. Miscellaneous