I. Kunduz Hospital Bombing

  1. Jonathan Horowitz, Guest Post: Was the Kunduz Strike a War Crime? (Monday, October 5)
  2. John Reed, Precision Weapons, Mistakes, and the Need for Transparency (Monday, October 5)
  3. Sarah Knuckey, Amid Calls for UN Investigation Into Kunduz Strike, US Senator Suggests that the UN Does Not Investigate Taliban Abuses. He’s Wrong. (Tuesday, October 6)

II. Bowe Bergdahl and Public Access to Court Proceedings

  1. Steve Vladeck, Public Access to Military Trials: The Increasingly Strange Case of Sergeant Bergdahl (Thursday, October 8)
  2. Steve Vladeck, More Bergdahl Strangeness: ACCA Dismisses Public Access Mandamus Petition (Thursday, October 8)

III. Congress

  1. Andy Wright, Congressional Due Process Failure: A Benghazi Example (Monday, October 5)
  2. Just Security, National Security-Related Congressional Hearings, October 5–9 (Monday, October 5)

IV. The Hygiene of War

V. EU-US Safe Harbor Arrangement

VI. Migrant Crisis

VII. California’s New Human Rights Law