I. Surveillance and Data Collection

  1. Steve Vladeck,  Laura Donohue’s Comprehensive Case Against Bulk Metadata Collection (Wednesday, Oct. 23)
  2. Marty Lederman, Latest Round of Briefing in ACLU v. Clapper “Telephony Records Program” Case (Friday, Oct. 25)

II. Journalism and Media

Debate on the Proposed Media Shield Law (Monday, Oct. 21)

III. Detentions and Trials

  1. Steve Vladeck, Second Circuit Affirms Ghailani’s Conviction and Sentence (Thursday, Oct. 24)
  2. Steve Vladeck, Ghailani: Constitutional “Cross-Ruffing,” and Why I Worry… (Friday, Oct. 25)

IV. Law of Armed Conflict (Jus in Bello) & International Human Rights in Conflict

A. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch Reports on Targeted Killings
1. Exchange on Amnesty International’s Report on Targeted Killings in Pakistan (Tuesday, Oct. 22)

2. Sarah Knuckey, Human Rights Groups Release Investigation Reports into US Targeted Killings: A Guide to the Issues  (Tuesday, Oct. 22)
3. Ryan Goodman, Targeted Killings — The US Power to Kill and the Yemeni Power to Capture (Wednesday, Oct. 23)
4. Ryan Goodman, Invented (and Real) Criticisms of the Human Rights Watch Report on Targeted Killings in Yemen  (Friday, Oct. 25)

B. UN Drones Reports, Co-belligerency, and Transparency

  1. Kevin Jon Heller, Guest Post: The Problematic “Belonging To” Analogy: A Response to Goodman (Wednesday, Oct. 23)
  2. Eric Jensen, Guest Post: The Report of the UN Special Rapporteur for Extrajudicial Executions: Law or Advocacy?  (Wednesday, Oct. 23)
  3. Philip Alston, IHL, Transparency, and the Heyns’ UN Drones Report  (Wednesday, Oct. 23)
  4. Ryan Goodman, Live Feed of UN Debate on Drones [Update: Debate has now concluded] (Friday, Oct. 25)
  5. Thomas Earnest, Live Feed — UN Panel on Drones and the Law (Friday, Oct. 25)

V. International Criminal Courts, 

Alex Whiting, Guest Post: ICC Prosecutor Announces Important Changes in New Strategic Plan (Thursday, Oct. 24)

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