I. Surveillance, Privacy, & the Third Party Doctrine

  1. Faiza Patel, How the Second Circuit’s Decision in Clapper Informs the Section 215 Discussion (Monday, May 11)
  2. Jameel Jaffer, What ACLU v. Clapper Means (Tuesday, May 12)
  3. Liza Goitein, Guest Post: United States v. Davis – Wrestling With the Third Party Doctrine (Wednesday, May 13)
  4. Jennifer Granick, ACLU v. Clapper Will End the Telephone Dragnet (Friday, May 15)

II. Iran Nuclear Negotiations

  1. Tyler Cullis, Guest Post: The White House’s Sanctions Relief Toolbox (Wednesday, May 13)
  2. David Golove, Guest Post: Congress Just Gave the President Power to Adopt a Binding Legal Agreement With Iran (Thursday, May 14)

III. Detention & Trials

IV. FBI and Counterterrorism Effectiveness

V. Israel’s Targeting Procedures

VI. Congressional Hearings