I. Republican Letter to Iran

  1. Robert Howse & Ruti Teitel, Guest Post: Legal Flaws in the 47 Senators’ Letter to Iran (Tuesday, March 10)
  2. Marty Lederman, The Cotton Letter … and the Vice President’s Response (Tuesday, March 10)
  3. Jack Goldsmith, The Case for the President’s Unilateral Authority to Conclude the Impending Iran Deal Is Easy Because It Will (Likely) Be a Nonbinding Agreement Under International Law (Wednesday, March 11)

II. Surveillance and Privacy

  1. Brett Max Kaufman, Guest Post: US Government Makes Slight Concession in Twitter’s Warrant-Canary Suit (Monday, March 9)
  2. Megan Graham, Wikimedia Sues the NSA (Tuesday, March 10)
  3. Shaheed Fatima, Post-Snowden Inquiry by UK Parliamentary Committee Recommends New Laws (Thursday, March 12)
  4. Megan Graham, Why Wikipedia Is Suing the NSA (Friday, March 13)
  5. Ruchi Parekh, UK Parliament’s Intell and Security Committee: Intelligence Agencies “Do Not Seek to Circumvent the Law” (Friday, March 13)

III. Electronic Communications Privacy Act & International Applications

IV. Congressional Hearings

  1. Megan Graham, National Security-Related Congressional Hearings, March 9–13 (Monday, March 9)
  2. Marty Lederman, Secretary Kerry on the Relationship Between the 2001 and ISIL AUMFs (Thursday, March 12)
  3. Ryan Goodman, Does the President’s Proposed AUMF Authorize Force Against ISIL “Wannabes?” (Thursday, March 12)

V. Autonomous Weapons

VI. Detention & Trials

VII. Official Act Immunity 

VIII. Anonymity for Terror Spokespersons

IX. Commission on the Status of Women

X. UK Terror Laws