We are thrilled by Just Security‘s successes over the past year. We thought our readers would enjoy a recap of the most widely-read posts from the past year.

1. Ryan Goodman and Sarah Knuckey, How We Read a NYTimes Story on Drone Strikes in Yemen

2. Ryan Goodman, CIA Reportedly Spied on Senate Intelligence Committee Which May be a Federal Crime

3. Michael J. Glennon, Guest Post: Is Snowden Obliged to Accept Punishment?

4. Ahmed Ghappour, Guest Post: Justice Department Proposal Would Massively Expand FBI Extraterritorial Surveillance

5. David Cole, Michael Hayden: We Kill People Based on Metadata

6. Ryan Goodman, Sri Lanka’s Greatest War Criminal (Gotabaya) is a US Citizen: It’s Time to Hold Him Accountable

7. Jennifer Granick, USA Freedom Act: Oh, Well. Whatever. Nevermind

8. John Sifton, Guest Post: They Knew It Was Illegal

9. Ryan Goodman, International Proscriptions on Mass Surveillance (or What’s Missing in the Greenwald vs. Wittes Debate)

10. Jameel Jaffer, The Drone Memo Cometh

11. Daniel Markey, Guest Post: The National Security Implications of Pakistan’s Latest Political Crisis

12. Jameel Jaffer, “The NSA Doesn’t Spy On Americans”

13. Michael Schmitt, International Law and Cyber Attacks: Sony v. North Korea

14. Ryan Goodman, United Nations Human Rights Council Adopts Resolution Calling for Drone Transparency and Accountability

15. Jeffrey Vagle and Matt Blaze, Guest Post: Security “Front Doors” vs. “Back Doors”: A Distinction Without a Difference

16. Harold Hongju Koh, Obama’s ISIL Legal Rollout: Bungled, Clearly. But Illegal? Really?

17. Ryan Goodman, International Law on Airstrikes against ISIS in Syria

18. Julian Sanchez, Smartphone “Backdoors” and Open Computing

19. Steve Vladeck, Chief Judge Kozinski’s “Serious Doubts” About Judge Bates’s FISA Reform Letters

20. Harold Hongju Koh, Syria and the Law of Humanitarian Intervention (Part II: International Law and the Way Forward)

[Editor’s Note: Also check out our post from our 1st year anniversary: “A Year of Great Debates on National Security Law at the Just Security Blog”]