1. Abby Zeith, The Arming of Syrian Rebels – Does it Breach the Arms Trade Treaty? (Monday, Oct. 13)
  2. Megan Graham, CIA Report: Giving Rebels Weapons Without Direct Support Rarely Helps (Wednesday, Oct. 15)
  3. Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, Authorizing Force: A Review of Turkish, Dutch and French Action (Thursday, Oct. 16)

II. Presidential War Powers

  1. Shalev Roisman, Rejecting the Bush Comparison: A Response to Goldsmith & Waxman (Friday, Oct. 17)
  2. Brett Max Kaufman, One More Thing on Goldsmith & Waxman (Friday, Oct. 17)

III. Surveillance and Privacy

  1. Martin Scheinin, EU-Funded Study: Electronic Mass Surveillance Fails – Drastically (Tuesday, Oct. 14)
  2. Jeffrey Vagle and Matt Blaze, Security “Front Doors” vs. “Back Doors”: A Distinction Without a Difference (Friday, Oct. 17)

IV. Detentions & Trials

  1. Shaheed Fatima, Reflections on Hassan v UK: A Mixed Bag on the Right to Liberty (Part 2) (Tuesday, Oct. 14)
  2. Phil Hirschkorn, East Africa Embassy Bombing Defendant Contests Miranda Waiver (Wednesday, Oct. 15)
  3. Marty Lederman, New al-Nashiri Developments … Regarding the MV Limburg and USS COLE Charges (Friday, Oct. 17)

V. State Secrets and Transparency

  1. Jennifer Granick, Shhh! Last Week Was All About Secrets (Monday, Oct. 13)
  2. Sudha Setty, State Secrets Might Get a Little More Secret (Friday, Oct. 17)

VI. Immunity of Foreign States and Officials

  1. Tamara Morgenthau, Supreme Court of Canada Rules Individuals Cannot Sue a Foreign State in Canada for Torture Committed Abroad (Tuesday, Oct. 14)
  2. Beth Van Schaack, The Third Time’s The Charm? SCOTUS CVSGs in Samantar (Wednesday, Oct. 15)

VII. Syria and the Chemical Weapons Convention

VIII. US-Iran Relations (and Civil Suits for Acts of Terrorism)

IX. Elections for the United Nations Security Council

X. Miscellaneous