A. Grand Strategy

  1. David Cole, Unfinished Business: The Trickle-Down Effects of the War on ISIS on Civil Liberties, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law (Monday, Sept. 22)
  2. Rolf Mowatt-Larssen, Four Key Observations About the Campaign Against ISIL (Wednesday, Sept. 24)
  3. Rolf Mowatt-Larssen, ISIL as an Insurgency and a Terrorist Threat (Thursday, Sept. 25)

B. International Law on Use of Force in  Syria

  1. Marty Lederman, The War Powers Resolution and Article 51 Letters Concerning Use of Force in Syria Against ISIL and the Khorasan Group [Updated] (Tuesday, Sept. 23)
  2. John Reed, Unwilling or Unable: A Roundup of Just Security’s Debate on the Legality of Airstrikes Inside Syria (Tuesday, Sept. 23)
  3. Ryan Goodman and Sarah Knuckey, Remarkable Statement by UN Secretary General on US Airstrikes in Syria (Tuesday, Sept. 23)
  4. Jennifer Daskal, Ashley Deeks and Ryan Goodman, cross-posted at Lawfare, Strikes in Syria: The International Law Framework (Wednesday, Sept. 24)
  5. Ryan Goodman, Australia, France, Netherlands Express Legal Reservations about Airstrikes in Syria [Updated] (Thursday, Sept. 25)
  6. Ryan Goodman and Michael Schmitt, Having Crossed the Rubicon: Arming and Training Syrian Rebels (Friday, Sept. 25)

C. Domestic Procedures 

  1. Jack Goldsmith and Marty Lederman, cross-posted at Lawfare, Ongoing “Covert” Training of Syrian Rebels: But Is It Still Covert … and, if So, Why? (Monday, Sept. 22)
  2. Marty Lederman, The War Powers Resolution and Article 51 Letters Concerning Use of Force in Syria Against ISIL and the Khorasan Group [Updated] (Tuesday, Sept. 23)

D. Allies

  1. Just Security Staff, Full Text: House of Commons Motion on ISIS for Debate Tomorrow and Accompanying Summary of the Legal Position (Thursday, Sept. 25)
  2. Kristen Eichensehr, French Prime Minister’s Statement on Action Against ISIL (Full Text) (Friday, Sept. 25)

E. Detention

F. Syrian Rebels

II. UN Resolution on Foreign Terrorist Fighters

  1. Faiza Patel, President Obama to Preside Over Flawed UN Security Council Resolution on Foreign Fighters (Tuesday, Sept. 23)
  2. Martin Scheinin, Back to Post-9/11 Panic? Security Council Resolution on Foreign Terrorist Fighters (Tuesday, Sept. 23)
  3. Abby Zeith, Australia Introduces Foreign Fighter Bill on Eve of Obama Chairing UNSC Meeting on Foreign Fighters (Tuesday, Sept. 23)

III. Drones

  1. Sarah Knuckey, Human Rights Groups Petition UN on Drone Strikes (Monday, Sept. 22)
  2. Christopher Rogers, Towards a Global Debate? UN Human Rights Council Takes on Drones (Thursday, Sept. 25)

IV. Foreign Surveillance 

V. Detention, Trial & Treatment

  1. Ryan Vogel, The DoD Detainee Directive and Its Definition of “Unprivileged Belligerency” (Monday, Sept. 22)
  2. Daphne Eviatar, Abu Ghaith Sentence Confirms We Don’t Need Guantanamo (Tuesday, Sept. 23)
  3. Jonathan Horowitz, Now is the Time to Think About Detentions in Iraq and Syria: with ISIL A Response to Benjamin Wittes (Wednesday, Sept. 24)
  4. Abby Zeith, UK High Court Hears Case of Pakistani Held for a Decade Without Charges by UK and US (Wednesday, Sept. 24)

VI. “Yemen Model” of Counterterrorism and Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP)

VII. Counterterrorism Actions in Europe

VIII. North Korea

IX. Just Security Home News

  1. Steve Vladeck, National Security and the 2014 Midterms: A Preview of Monday’s CQ Roll Call / Just Security Event (Sunday, Sept. 21)
  2. Ryan Goodman, A Year of Great Debates on National Security Law at the Just Security Blog (Monday, Sept. 22)
  3. Ryan Goodman and Steve Vladeck, Welcoming Four New Just Security Editors (Tuesday, Sept. 23)