I. Military Action against ISIL

  1. Ryan Goodman, White House Relies on 2002 Iraq Authorization—But What’s the Theory? (Saturday, Sept 13)
  2. Eric Messinger, The House’s New Proposal for an AUMF Against ISIL (Monday, Sept 15)
  3. Martin Scheinin, ISIS/ISIL Remains Associated with Al-Qaida Because the UN Security Council Says So? (Monday, Sept 15)
  4. Ryan Goodman, When Institutions Fail: A Thought Experiment (Monday, Sept 15)
  5. Michael Lewis, A Response to Jonathan Horowitz – Why Unwilling or Unable is Measured by a State’s Capacity to Act as Well as its Willingness to do so (Monday, Sept 15)
  6. Megan Graham, Hagel and Dempsey Won’t Rule Out Possibility of U.S. Ground Combat Troops in Iraq (Tuesday, Sept 16)
  7. Just Security Staff, Kaine’s Proposed AUMF Would Allow Limited Ground Combat Against ISIL (Wednesday, Sept 17)
  8. Ryan Goodman, Sec. Kerry’s Difficult Defense of 2001 AUMF Application to ISIL–and Senators’ Disbelief (Wednesday, Sept 17)
  9. Andy Wright, SFRC Access to Intelligence Information During Force Authorization Debate (Thursday, Sept 18)
  10. Eric Messinger, Congress Appropriates Funds for President to Train Syrian Opposition (Friday, Sept 19)

II. Surveillance

  1. Steve Vladeck, The Posse Comitatus Act, Unlawful Surveillance, and the Exclusionary Rule (Sunday, Sept 14)
  2. Ahmed Ghappour, Guest Post: Justice Department Proposal Would Massively Expand FBI Extraterritorial Surveillance (Tuesday, Sept 16)
  3. Julian Sanchez, Reading Jack Goldsmith’s STELLARWIND Memo (Part II) (Tuesday, Sept 16)

III. Detention, Trial & Treatment

  1. Marty Lederman, What’s the Matter with the Revised DoD Directive 2310.01E? (Monday, Sept 15)
  2. Steve Vladeck, A Guantánamo Test Case for the “New” D.C. Circuit (Tuesday, Sept 16)
  3. John Reed, ECHR: UK Did Not Violate Hassan’s Human Rights (Tuesday, Sept 16)
  4. Ryan Vogel, Guest Post: A Response on Department of Defense Directive 2310.01E (Detainee Program) (Wednesday, Sept 17)
  5. Marty Lederman, The Unresolved Problems with the DoD Directive Definition of “Unprivileged Belligerency”: A Response to Ryan Vogel [Updated] (Thursday, Sept 18)
  6. Gabor Rona, Guest Post: A Reply to Ryan Vogel and Marty Lederman on DoD Directive 2310.01E [Updated] (Thursday, Sept 18)

IV. Expatriation