I. Surveillance, Privacy, & Technology

  1. Jameel Jaffer, The “Culture of Misinformation” and the Government’s Representations to the Supreme Court in Clapper (Thursday, May 15)
  2. Matthew Atkins, Guest Post: Crowdsourcing Intelligence – Putting Smart Phones to Good Use (Wednesday, May 14)
  3. Julian Sanchez, USA FREEDOM: How Many Hops? (Tuesday, May 13)
  4. David Cole, Collect It All!: Newly Released NSA Documents Reveal Omnivorous Appetite for our Private Data (Tuesday, May 13)
  5. Ryan Goodman, Video Clip of Former Director of NSA and CIA: “We Kill People Based on Metadata” (Monday, May 12)
  6. David Cole, Michael Hayden:  “We Kill People Based on Metadata” (Saturday, May 10)

II. Detention, Trial, & Treatment

  1. Ryan Goodman, The Limits of the Logic that the Power to Kill includes the Power to Detain (Friday, May 16)
  2. Jennifer Daskal, Rights of Guantanamo Detainees? (Thursday, May 15)
  3. Jonathan Hafetz, Guest Post: Serdar Mohammed: A View onto U.S. Detentions (Thursday, May 15)
  4. Beth Van Schaack, Backgrounder: Preliminary Examination into Abuses by United Kingdom Personnel in Iraq (Wednesday, May 14)
  5. Thomas Earnest, ICC Prosecutor Reopens Preliminary Examination of Alleged Crimes by UK Soldiers in Iraq (Tuesday, May 13)
  6. Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, Assessing Serdar Mohammed through the Prism of Derogation and Detention (Tuesday, May 13)
  7. Letter to the Editor from Gabor Rona, Mohammed v. Ministry Defense and the ICRC’s Position (Monday, May 12)

III.  Yemen

IV. Autonomous Weapons Systems (AWS)

  1. Sarah Knuckey, Governments Conclude First (Ever) Debate on Autonomous Weapons: What Happened and What’s Next (Friday, May 16)
  2. Sarah Knuckey, Do women have anything to say about autonomous weapons? [Updated on May 15] (Wednesday, May 14)
  3. Sarah Knuckey, Start of first inter-governmental expert meeting on autonomous weapons (Tuesday, May 13)

V. Miscellaneous