Mirwais Wardak

Mirwais Wardak is a development worker and researcher with almost 20 years of experience working with the aid community in Afghanistan. He has worked on projects related to human security, community development, peacebuilding and conflict resolution, and civil society development with a number of Afghan NGOs. He is currently working as Managing Director with Peace Training and Research Organization (PTRO).  He has received his MA from the Post-War Recovery Unit, The University of York (2005).

He has been part of a number of research projects, including the National Solidarity Program (NSP) mid-term evaluation 2005, Afghan Religious Civil Society (June–November 2006), Transformation of War Economies (August–October 2006), Afghan Hearts, Afghan Minds (2008), and Drivers for Radicalization (2009). Since he started to work as director of PTRO in 2010, he has been part of research projects and evaluations that PTRO has conducted, including a case study on Integrity and Transparency of Humanitarian Aid in Afghanistan with Transparency International (TI), and was team member with CMI and Scanteam doing a corruption risk assessment for Danish Embassy funding in Afghanistan. He was also part of the External Review of ARTF in 2017 carried out by Scanteam and PTRO.


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